Staff Pathologist the in Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch (IDPB)


The position is for a full-time staff pathologist the in Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch (IDPB). The candidate will participate as a member of a team of pathologists, including several medical doctors and veterinary pathologists. Incumbent will perform diagnostic and research related duties as it relates to the study of pathology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases; support pathology activities related to investigations of epidemics, outbreaks, and bioterrorism events; and activities related to the development of sophisticated techniques used to diagnose infectious diseases.

The candidate will independently, and in consultation with other pathologists, plan further diagnostic tests and determine appropriate follow-up procedures including special stains, immunohistochemical tests, in situ hybridization, PCR, or other molecular approaches. Candidate will monitor progress of testing and investigations and provide written and oral summaries as needed.

The candidate will collaborate with other pathologists and laboratory team members in the development of new molecular and immunological reagents and assays for the rapid and specific identification of pathogens in tissues; conduct collaborative research of interest involving diseases of humans and laboratory animals; prepare and collaborate in the preparation of technical reports on the results of investigations and studies; present results on current findings at scientific meetings and conferences, and prepare and collaborate on manuscripts for publication in scientific journals; provide expert gross, histopathologic and clinical evaluation of tissues for the diagnosis and study of infectious diseases; and provide laboratory support for epidemic investigations associated with zoonotic emerging infectious diseases and provide field guidance and advice for proper collection techniques for specimens.

Qualifications for the position include a degree of Doctor of Medicine and completion of anatomic pathology residency training with American Board of Pathology certification or eligibility. Questions about the position can be directed to Dr. Sherif Zaki, Chief of Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch, at Candidates should apply to position HHS-CDC-DH-20-10824202 using the following link: